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bagjack history

The company philosophy, placing high value on individuality and longevity, the use of environmentally friendly materials and minimising waste during production, has proven itself. The brand is now firmly established in its niche. bagjack manufacture more than just handmade highly functional courier bags in seven different sizes, it produces products for many walks of life: laptop protectors, rucksacks, travel bags, camera bags, shopping bags, belt pouches, bicycle frame pads, waiters money pouches, key hangers and much more besides.


Early bag for Inline Hamburg. Style ‘Top Flat’ with plotted vinyl advertisement.


For master bike messenger Jäger, in Metamorphosis style, with provision for many sponsor logos. Note the reflective piping at the corners and around the edge protection on the front cover.


Pe’s Homage to Berlin. A collage patchwork incorporating the Skullcrank design by Gary, 5 Sterne Deluxe CD release poster, JayBo Monks’ iconic image, amongst other recycled advertising motifs.


Pe’s own bag for CMWC Zürich, with 3M reflective material and a bagjack vinyl print behind the mesh.


By Pe for Pe! An early experiment with different style elements, including a digital print on truck tarpaulin designed by JayBo a.k.a Monk of IrieDaily and Style And The Family Tunes infamy. Metamorphosis design features integrated exterior mesh pocket and a new feature, the gadget holder.


Sewn in Köpenicker Strasse, Berlin Kreuzberg, our first real proper production facility. The first messenger bag with a skateboard flap on the front, and extra bicycle light attachment points. Also the first use of woven bagjack labelling.


One of our first experiments with embroidered appliqué, for everbodys darling 6nöll, courier and individualist. Sewn in Emser Str.


Sewn in Emser Strasse, Berlin Wilmersdorf for our team in the annual CMWC, that summer in Barcelona. Edition of 8. Genuine Soviet Afghanistan Camoflage.


Our very first bagjack series for hometown courier company Messenger Transport Logistics was produced by an external production facility. Half an hour after delivery we received our first complaint – “The strap seams have torn!”. We took them all back, and beefed them up for courier use with extra stitching on our own sewing machines. This made us realise we needed to consolidate our own independent production facility. The bag depicted here was retired after over a decade of constant active use in 2007, and donated to our bag museum.


Made in the Obentrautstrasse, Berlin Kreuzberg. Cuban style for ‘Presto Ernesto’, sewn on the Adler. Early use of our first company name, “d.d. bags”, with handmade logos screenprinted on awning material. The first 3-Point-Strap-System. Waterproof hook-and-loop fastened double layer construction. Note the nylon buckles, first corner protection, and rain flap with elastic band.


Painstakingly constructed by Vossi, at home, by now on an Adler industrial sewing machine, from many individual patches in the distinctive “Follow Me” design as requested by erstwhile colleague ‘Lazy Kasi’! Simple carrying strap with locking buckle. Waterproof double layer design. Velcro and strap closure with metal fasteners.


Bag no. 3, by Vossi for Gary, at that time a fellow bike courier, now co-proprietor of Keirin Cycle Culture Café. Sewn on the treadle Dürrkopp.


Bag number 2, by and for Pe, also at the time a Berlin bicycle messenger. Sewn in Scharnweberstrasse on a foot-operated Singer table sewing machine.The “d.d. bags” (dirty double bags) patch was added after a tough year of courier (ab)use.

1993 – The first bag

Our very first messenger bag, by and for Vossi, one of the first bicycle messengers in Berlin, made in the living room of his apartment in Scharnweberstrasse, Friedrichshain. Made from polyester canvas, tarpaulin, the remains of an old post office satchel and a red rain jacket, in classic ‘newspaper boy’ style. Manufactured on a Dürrkopp table sewing machine with a treadle drive.